Want glowing, healthy skin? Check out my article with House of Wellness

I feel like the question "do you want glowing, healthy skin" is kind of pointless right? Because everyone wants it! Well everyone I know does anyways.


And this is something as a Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Longevity expert, that I get asked all the time!

Well recently I was interviewed by House of Wellness about what foods you should eat to support healthy beautiful skin. And in this interview I really focused on the benefits of FRUIT!

You can check out that article here

But, I wanted to share some more information on what you can eat for beautiful skin!

Eating a diet rich in nutrient dense whole foods is essential if you want to glow from the inside out.


The last place to get nutrients is the hair, skin and nails so when we have a diet lacking, it will show up on our face first.


Eating for beauty is SUPER simple, and know when you do this you are eating for a beautiful inside too!



Rich in vitamin e, a nutrient I find many people lacking in. This is truly a beauty vitamin. Needed to help protect the skin from UV damage (and premature ageing). It also supports cell structure and even plays a role in the cross linking of collagen (this is important).





Rich in many antioxidants but especially anthocyanin. Studies have shown they these compounds may help increase elastin & collagen production keeping skin nice and TIGHT!





Super rich in many minerals needed to help support healthy skin, they notably contain a nutrient called iodine. Iodine deficiency is very common in Australia due to being very low in our soil and therefore in our foods. Low iodine is linked to hypothyroidism, but it will also impact healthy hair (leading to hair loss & thin brittle hair), brittle nails and lacklustre dull skin.




Macadamia nuts

These are great for skin due to their rich content of monounsaturated fats, antioxidants like vitamin E, and hydrating properties. These components help maintain skin elasticity, protect against premature aging, and reduce inflammation. They also support skin repair and collagen production, promoting a healthy, youthful complexion.




And don’t forget to hydrate! 3 litres of water and add a sprinkle of sea/celtic/Himalayan salt too…