Longevity Body 4 Week Kickstart

A delicious and easy program designed to kickstart whole body healing to release fat, balance your hormones and heal your gut.

So you can feel more beautiful, energetic, lighter and happier AND live younger, for longer!

Kickstart Your Health Journey

Get the guidance, framework and motivation you need to get back on the "wagon" and stay there. This is for you if you have tried everything else. 

Burn Fat & Lose Weight

Addressing the root causes of weight gain (especially around the belly). Start regulating your blood sugar, improving insulin sensitivity and lowering fat storing hormones.

Get Better, Deeper Sleep

Nourish your body so it has the building blocks it needs to give you healthy sleep so you sleep through the night and wake up refreshed.

Improve Your Hormones

Start balancing your hormones to improve PMS & period symptoms, support your body through perimenopause & healthy ageing. 

Reduce Stress & Overwhelm

High cortisol and chronic stress cause hormonal imbalances, crappy sleep, anxiety, low mood, weight gain and inflammation. Learn how to regulate your stress hormones so you feel clear & calm. 


Lower Inflammation

Nutrition designed to lower inflammation at the most cellular level. This will improve your gut health, energy, help give you clear glowing skin (get rid of that red, puffy face) and address one of the root causes of accelerated ageing. 

Love Your Gut & Microbiome

Get rid of the bloat and other uncomfortable digestive symptoms, optimise digestion and support your microbiome to balance hormones & burn fat

Increase Your Energy 

Support healthy adrenal function & blood sugar balance to prevent those afternoon energy crashes. Supercharge your nutrition so your body has the fuel to run optimally and give you energy that lasts all day. 


Here’s what previous clients have said about working with me....


Food is Medicine 

Does this sound like you?


  • You have tried every diet under the sun, but cant find something that sticks
  • You have an¬† "all or nothing" mindset and find yourself self sabotaging when you aren't perfect
  • You are sick of wondering what and how to eat, tired of counting calories and just want food freedom
  • You wake up tired and unrefreshed no matter how much sleep you get
  • You find yourself getting that afternoon energy crash and need sweet treats or caffeine to get you through
  • You feel bloated and yucky in your belly
  • You are gaining weight and struggling to get it off/keep it off
  • You feel flat, unmotivated, anxious and overwhelmed
  • You experience PMS symptoms, moodiness, cramping, heavy periods bloating, tender breasts, clotting or find your periods are irregular
  • You can't remember the last time you actually felt amazing
  • You find your skin takes a long time to heal and is dry, red and blotchy¬†
  • You find yourself skipping meals either because your forget or dont have time¬†and find yourself making unhealthy food choices when you end up starving

and so many of my clients have been there too:

My 4 Week Kickstart is for you if you’re:

  • Overwhelmed and don‚Äôt know where to start.¬†Your tired of having to think about how to eat and what to eat. You are sick of contradictory health information and just want a plan that is easy to stick to.¬†
  • Time poor and busy.¬†The program is designed for the busiest people. No matter where you are at in life, no matter how much "spare time" you have, this program will work within your life.¬†
  • Not interested in another fad diet. Neither am I, so I promise not to push you to try something¬†that isn't going to last. Just eat real, delicious, nourishing food and still enjoy meals out and treats.
  • In need of a long-term solution. Band-aid solutions are NOT my thing. Sustainable programs that address the root cause of your symptoms and allow you to manage them effectively are.
  • Wanting a clear plan that‚Äôs easy to follow. Your plan will not only be easy to follow, but easy to stick to.

how would it feel to...

Eat delicious food, still enjoy nights out, pizza, pasta and margaritas without guilt or spiraling into self sabotaging behaviour

Learn the tools & how to eat to support your longevity and reduce your risk of age related disease AND GLOW FROM THE INSIDE OUT

Have long lasting vibrant energy, happy hormones, healthy digestion and turn your body into a fat burning machine


After struggling with poor gut and hormonal health for a long period of time I joined this program and only part way through I am experiencing much better health.

Michaela is a powerhouse of amazing information and her positivity and support have pushed me through. I am so looking forward to longevity reset for my latter years - thriving and not just surviving. Her holistic approach to health is inspiring


real results

Wondering what we’ll be doing in the Longevity Body 4 Week Kickstart?

  • Nourish your body with real, whole foods, giving your body the building blocks it needs to heal itself
  • Focused nutrition to lower inflammation & oxidative stress
  • Regulate your blood sugar & improve insulin sensitivity to support easy, weight loss you can keep off
  • Support healthy, deep sleep
  • Heal your gut and super charge the health of your microbiome - bring down the bloating
  • Give you energy that lasts all day - wake up with energy and no more afternoon energy crashes
  • Aid in detoxification to clear out toxins and reduce puffiness
  • Support healthy hormone balance so you can get relief from those hormonal symptoms
  • Change your mindset & relationship with food
  • Learn how to break free from self sabotaging behaivours
  • Get an easy way to move your body to support your health & longevity
  • Learn the tools to lower stress, cortisol & regulate your nervous system
  • Support your body healing through¬†nutrigenomic protocols
  • Enjoy cheat meals (like burgers and brownies) without guilt
And the best part? Everything listed above will help fight ageing, inside and out.

Longevity Body

4 Week Kickstart
A holistic framework for living your healthiest, happiest most vibrant life

Longevity Body Framework

This is where the magic happens to transform your whole health.

Includes nutrition, diet, movement, lifestyle & self care and lots of health hacks designed to easy

Longevity Nutrition Framework

Combines nutrigenomics and whole foods. Learn how to eat to stabilise your blood sugar, support fat burning and weight loss, reduce stress & inflammation and nourish your gut. 


Done For You Meal Plans

Easy to follow meal plans. With delicious, simple, family friendly recipes. A focus on meal prepping means you wont be stuck in the kitchen for hours every night. Enjoy real, delicious home cooked food without feeling deprived or bored.


On top of the meal plans are a range of recipes, including delicious snacks, treats, soups and all meals, so you have plenty of variety and choice to switch it up. And also continue your journey in the program after the 4 weeks is over.  

Pillars of Health

Learn the 5 pillars of health and how they impact your whole body. Get a greater understanding of your gut, hormones, blood sugar, stress & sleep. Includes tips and tricks to easily implement into your life. 

Facebook Group

Get the support, encouragement, motivation you need with the Longevity Body community. This is a place to share your wins, struggles and inspiration. A place to ask questions and get additional support.  

Lifestyle & Exercise Guide

Learn my strategies to reduce overwhelm, stress, anxious and low mood and how to move your body to optimise your health. This simple guide will break it down to the bare minimum of what you need to improve your fitness.

Program App

Access the program via our app. A convenient way to keep you on track with the program always at your fingertips. 

Here’s how The 4 Week Kickstart Works

Before we start

Get Prepped

In this prep step, you'll receive the support & tools needed to enter the program confidently and seamlessly.

  • Progress Tracking: Discover how to track and monitor your progress, utilising an online interactive Health Assessment Software for real-time comparisons.
  • Mindset & Mental Health: Begin strengthening your mindset, overcoming guilt and self-sabotage, and learning strategies for staying on track.
  • Lifestyle & Exercise Outline: Gain guidance on the movement and self-care aspects of the program, understanding the reasons behind them and how to incorporate them into your routine.
  • Access to¬†the 5 Pillars of The Kickstart: Learn how¬†to optimise your gut health, liver detoxification, blood sugar, sleep & hormones to increase your energy, burn fat and balance your hormones.
Phase 1

4 Week Kickstart

For your body to be able to heal itself we need to start wth optimising your nutrition and supporting your self care, giving your body what it needs to repair itself.

  • Start improving blood sugar balance & insulin sensitivity for weight loss, burning fat and lowering inflammation & oxidative stress
  • Nourish the adrenals to lower cortisol & stress hormones
  • Start repairing your gut health
  • Up regulate beneficial gene expression - turn on the good genes, turn off the bad genes to help support your longevity
  • Support healthy sleep
  • Get clear, glowing skin
  • Support liver detoxification to clear out toxins



  • Easy to follow framework: Take the guess work out when and how to eat. Meal plans¬†are designed so you don't have to think about what to cook or eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • No hunger, cravings or boredom:¬†Delicious, easy meals that will keep you satisfied and full. Full of flavour and variety you will never get bored
  • Cheat meals & freedom: No guilt or shame here, you get to enjoy cheat meals and food freedom with the 80/20 principle. Enjoy nights out, date nights, holidays and celebrations.¬†
  • Dont spend hours in the kitchen:¬†All the recipes are easy to make and quick. No confusing, random ingredients, no complicated or confusing recipes.
  • Food that heals:¬†The framework and recipes are designed to be anti-inflammatory and gut health supporting. This helps to address hormonal imbalances, fatigue, skin issues and weight loss.
  • Family friendly recipes: Don't want to cook multiple meals? You don't have to. The majority of the meals in the program are super family friendly, just adjust recipes to suit however many people you want to feed.¬†

Plus These Bonuses...

Health Compass

Health Assessment Software 

This is a powerful clinical tool designed to help you track your healing progress, symptoms, and areas that require additional support.

With this easy-to-use visual tool, you can get access to comparison reports which give valuable insights into your health journey and progress


Valued at $500


3 Day Detox



This detox is designed to  accelerate your results. Supercharge your detoxification pathways to clear out toxins and inflammation. Kickstart the fat burning, clear up your skin and reduce the brain fog. Delicious and easy to follow. And great to do any time you need a little extra boost. 

Valued at $99

Longevity Body Kickstart App


Get the ultimate convenience of our dedicated app, designed exclusively for the kickstart With this powerful tool, the keys to a healthier life are right at your fingertips ‚ÄĒ anytime, anywhere.

Instant Access: Dive into the Longevity Reset program directly from your device.

Tailored Recipes & Nutrition: Access all the nourishing recipes and meal plans that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.


Valued at $400


Pay In Full

$199 AUD

One Payment

  • The entire Longevity Body 4 Week Kickstart
  • Access to the private facebook group
  • Lifetime Access
  • Bonus: 3 Day Detox¬†

Payment Plan

$110/m AUD

2 Month Payment Plan

  • The entire¬†Longevity Body 4 Week Kickstart
  • Access to the private facebook group
  • Lifetime Access
  • BONUS: 3 Day Detox
hey there, gorgeous!

I'm Michaela 


I’m the founder of The Longevity Remedy, and the naturopath behind The Longevity Reset.

I’ve helped hundreds of women, just like you, gain control of their health and reclaim their confidence. Stress, hormones & gut health are passionate topics of mine, not only because of their impact on healthy longevity and general wellbeing, but because I’ve had to heal them myself, too.

My health story? I tried – for years – to lose weight and get relief from my PMS symptoms, bloating and anxiety without success. From the outside it appeared as though I had everything together. I was working out every day, and nourishing my body with green smoothies and healthy carbohydrates. Underneath it all though, I still had terrible depression, felt extremely tired and irritable, was suffering from the worst anxiety I’d ever experienced, had heavy periods and debilitating PMS symptoms, and I was constantly waking during the night. Honestly, I was kinda like a grumpy old lady. All. The. Time.

Once I started studying naturopathy, I learned about the root cause of everything I was experiencing (ie. Insulin / hypothyroidism / adrenal dysfunction), I put a plan together that I based off my years of study. As a result, I was able to improve my insulin sensitivity, sort out my under-active thyroid, and experience dream periods (yes, good periods do exist!). I also lost 15kg and finally felt my age again, I felt light, energetic & actually enthusiastic about life, I wasn't just trying to make it through each day anymore. It was totally life changing.



I can't wait to help you too.

After my own health transformation and working with hundreds of clients facing similar issues, I developed a step-by-step blueprint to address their symptoms and heal their bodies. I wanted to make this approach accessible to as many women as possible and empower them with knowledge about their bodies.

That's how I created the nutrition framework, a simple formula that even the busiest and most overwhelmed woman can follow. 

My goal is to help you understand your health and regain control of your life. I provide all the tools you need to heal your body, eat right for your body without restrictions, exercise effectively, improve sleep, balance hormones, uplift mood, and more.

The program focuses on resetting your overall health, ensuring long-term well-being and true longevity.

Are you ready to take the leap and transform your health once and for all?

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