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Clinic Services


The Longevity House

Australia's first anti-ageing house. Follow our journey as we convert our suburban Australian home into our own anti-ageing health retreat & learn how you can do the same. 

The Longevity Dispensary

Naturopathically curated online store. Featuring products tried and test by me, and recommended to my clients. 


12 Week Intensive Anti-Ageing Program

An intensive, all-inclusive program that targets the known causes of ageing. Peeling back the layers helping you to look & feel younger, lose weight, increase energy & vitality and MORE. The is currently no program like this  available anywhere else. 

8 Week Total Health Overhaul

A comprehensive all-inclusive program to restore, repair & renew your body & mind. Targeting digestion, detoxification, adrenal, thyroid & sleep.

A Synergistic Combination of Naturopathy, Clinical Nutrition & Anti-Ageing Medicine

A holistic approach to wellbeing & longevity. Targeting the underlying causes of disease & ageing. 

Time to feel young again? 

Sick of feeling exhausted, stressed & heavy?

Do you look in the mirror and are dissapointed with what you see?

Fed up with not getting any results or answers to your health problems?

Are you ready to put yourself first and fill your cup?

The Longevity Remedy is a targeted & personalised approach to natural medicine, combining naturopathic medicine & anti-ageing medicine, you can target the underlying causes to your health problems and ageing.

You will be empowered, inspired and supported with our complete approach to optimal wellness.

Currently only taking bookings for online clients. Available Australia Wide.

1-1 Naturopathic Consultations

Stress, Fatigue, Weight Loss, Hormone balance, Sleep, Anti-Ageing, Detoxification, Adrenal & Thyroid Issues, Gut Health

Ketogenic Kickstart Program

Everything you need to help you melt fat, boost your energy & mood, reduce inflammation & fight oxidative stress


Personalised 8 Week All-Inclusive Ketogenic

Weight Loss Program

About Michaela

My Story

I'm Michaela the founder of The Longevity Remedy. I have had a passion & fascination for the science behind disease, health & ageing for the last 18 years.


After watching family members die from heart disease, stroke and dementia  and suffering from chronic illness (depression, anxiety & insulin resistance) myself and not finding the answers in mainstream medicine i was inspired to learn everything i could about ageing & age related disease, this passion  & obsession lead me to study naturopathic medicine and anti-ageing medicine concurrently. 

My goal is to target the underlying cause illness & ageing, healing the body holistically and understanding how intricacy intertwined our whole body is. 


I  created The Longevity Remedy to empower people to take a proactive approach to their health and show how everybody can help protect their body and live younger for longer. Anti-ageing & preventative medicine should be available to everyone. 

I have expanded my passion for increasing awareness of longevity & anti-ageing medicine by creating a new longevity podcast, the longevity house & online store including my personal favourite products. 


Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional medicine uses the latest scientific research & dietary interventions with practitioner grade nutraceuticals & supplements to restore the body back to optimal health.

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A holistic approach to wellness. Treating the underlying cause, educating the patient & preventing disease. Evidence based & Integrative. This is the medicine of the future.


Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the oldest & most widely used system of medicine in the world today. It provides effective relief from a range of uncomfortable symptoms whilst also addressing the underlying cause of disease & illness.

Anti-Ageing Medicine

We address the underlying causes of ageing & age related disease. Enhancing body functions to slow down the hands of ageing and closing the gap between healthspan & lifespan. Look and feel amazing for life!


Functional Pathology

We utilise a range of testing procedures to hone in what may contributing to  your health issues are. This also allows us to tailor your treatment program based on your cellular needs.

Blood Test

Heavy Metal & Mineral Testing

In-clinic testing available for over 40 heavy metals & minerals. Giving you real time results. Metals & minerals have a signficant role in how well our body functions.

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DNA Genetic Testing & Nutrigenomics

Personalised nutrition & lifestyle programs based on your genetic needs. DNA testing allows us to tailor your diet based on certain genetic SNP'S that impact our wellbeing. Has an essential role in anti-ageing and prevention medicine.


Consulting hours

Bookings essential. Online consultation currently only avaible.

Mon - Fri: 12pm-7pm

Consultations may be available outside these days & times please contact clinic directly.



826 Hunter St Newcastle NSW Australia 2303