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I’m Emilia and I’m here to help you grow your Hairstyling business to a success!

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Sneaky Stress? 


It’s not just about how you feel mentally, it’s about physical types of stress that are happening in your body. You could be sitting on a beach in Fiji being waited on hand and foot, not a care in the world, but if you’ve…


  • Never healed your adrenals from stress and trauma from that shitty relationship or the job you hated
  • Gone a bit frisky on the booze to cope with a stressful day… for a few months (or years) 
  • Put up with the bloating and gas because everyone tells you it is normal 
  • Dreaded getting your period and cleared your week because you know it’s about to be hell
  • Laid awake for hours and your only form of cardio is tossing and turning but feel like crap when you wake up
  • Struggled to lose weight and keep it off, finding yourself gaining more and more weight around your mid section
  • Struggled with anxiety & depression, trying to ignore it and get through life one day at a time
  • Pepped yourself up with caffeine and sugary snacks just to get through the day


…..then I hate to say it but the hand-fed grapes by sexy waiters and all the rest isn’t going to help if we don’t address the root cause of your symptoms.


My goal is to give you the tools and strategies to heal your whole body so are the most the energetic, happiest, and healthiest version of YOU! So you can live and look younger, for longer.


I’m not a regular naturopath, I’m a cool naturopath — your goals can be reached without a rabbit food way of living and you can still live your life, and feel great without feeling restricted. Create new healthy habits that are sustainable and enjoyable, and be given tools & strategies to transform your health and then maintain it.

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 1-1 Online

Naturopathic Consults

If you are looking for something a little extra personalised a 1-1 online Naturopathic consultation may be for you.

I help with a range of health concerns & conditions including: Thyroid Disorders, Adrenal Dysfunction, Hormonal Imbalances, Stress, Anxiety, Sleep Issues, Gut Issues & More


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The Longevity Reset

12 Week Total Health Overhaul Program

Join my life changing all-inclusive intensive 12 week program to transform your WHOLE health.

A completely personalised experience for each participant this program includes everything you need to kickstart your new healthy life and look and feel the best you have in years.

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Naturopaths Guide To Skin Health

A Course For Skin Therapists


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Work With Me

"When I first came to The Longevity Remedy, life was tough. I had no energy, so much brain fog, no zest for life, no petrol in the tank, so much fatigue.

Fast forward just 4 months and I cannot believe the difference in my health. I am so full of energy, sleep like a baby, have zero reflux and bloating, flawless skin and lost weight. I can read books again and my memory is clear. I am glowing from the inside, and so freaking happy. My body is working not shutting down, it is healing so sod off middle age! We have more work to do but I am committed and know that Michaela help I will achieve all my health goals. I cannot recommend her highly enough."


Nicole Lewis

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