The Longevity Reset


Balance Hormones, Heal Your Gut, Regulate Your Blood Sugar, Improve Insulin Sensitivity, Burn Fat, Lower Cortisol and Fight Ageing

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Overhaul Your Whole Health

This isn't a bandaid solution, what happens in one body system will impact another, for the best results we work on your whole health

Balance Your Hormones

Get to the root cause of unbalanced hormones, address those hormonal symptoms optimise them for long term health and ageing

Heal Your Gut

Get rid of the bloat and other uncomfortable digestive symptoms, optimise digestion and support your microbiome to balance hormones & burn fat

Become a Fat Burning Machine

Addressing the root causes of weight gain (especially around the belly), regulating your blood sugar, improving insulin sensitivity and lowering fat storing hormones

Lower Cortisol & Reduce Stress

High cortisol and chronic stress cause hormonal imbalances, crappy sleep, anxiety, low mood, weight gain and inflammation. 

Increase Your Energy 

Optimise adrenal function and nourish your body so it functions at its best, and wake up with energy, that lasts all day with no energy crashes

Get Deep Restorative Sleep

Optimise your sleep, so you sleep through the night and get to sleep easily and quickly for the best sleep of your life!

Lower Inflammation

Inflammation otherwise known as "Inflammageing". Address the root causes of this so you can improve your longevity, help prevent age related disease and just feel amazing. 


Here’s what previous clients have said about my program....


Backed by science, founded by Nature 

Does this sound familiar?


  • You wake up every morning feeling tired & unrefreshed, no matter how much sleep you get
  • You start your day with coffee to give you some energy to get going
  • You experience afternoon energy crashes and reach for an unhealthy snack to get you through those last hours of work.
  • You’re exhausted in the evening, but then feel wired just before bed, so you stay up late to unwind or find yourself struggling to shut your mind off and get to sleep.
  • You struggle with the ALL OR NOTHING mindset, keeping you stuck in a cycle of overindulging and restriction
  • You find you gain weight especially around your belly and it is the last place it comes off
  • Your hormones feel a little off-balance, but you can’t quite work out what’s going on.
  • Blood tests come back "normal" but you know whatever is going on in your body is not "normal".
  • You experience PMS symptoms, moodiness, cramping, heavy periods bloating, tender breasts, clotting or find your periods are irregular
  • You’re often fatigued, irritable, anxious, low motivation and your libido is non-existent
  • You have a love-hate relationship with your skin and want it clear, glowing and healthy 
  • You regularly take supplements but you just dont see any results
  • You find yourself skipping meals either because your forget or dont have time and find yourself making unhealthy food choices when you end up starving
  • You are dealing with high cholesterol, high blood pressure or insulin resistance

and so many of my clients have been there too:

The Longevity Reset is for you if you’re:

  • Overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. I’ll eliminate confusing and contradictory health information and provide you with everything you need to know – in simple language – and nothing you don’t.
  • Not interested in another fad diet. Neither am I, so I promise not to push you to try something that isn't going to last.
  • Time poor and busy. The program is designed for the busiest people. No matter where you are at in life, no matter how much "spare time" you have, this program will work within your life.
  • In need of a long-term solution. Band-aid solutions are NOT my thing. Sustainable programs that address the root cause of your symptoms and allow you to manage them effectively are.
  • Wanting a clear plan that’s easy to follow. Your plan will not only be easy to follow, but easy to stick to.
  • Wanting to gain access to helpful tools, education and resources. Find the support and guidance you’ll need to reach your goals and maintain them, long-term. You get lifelong access to the program so you have the security and confidence to maintain and support your health

how would it feel to...

Eat delicious food, still enjoy nights out, pizza, pasta and margaritas without guilt or spiraling into self sabotaging behaviour

Actually get to the root cause of your symptoms and address them once and for all and learn everything you need to know about every aspect of your body and how to keep it healthy for life

Have long lasting vibrant energy, happy hormones, healthy digestion and turn your body into a fat burning machine


Finding this program came at an excellent time for me. Doctors could not give me any advice and I’d had every test possible.

Just the first 4 weeks of the reset got my body back on track. My gut health improved immensely and my peri-menopausal symptoms reduced. It’s also been great to realise that the foods I was eating before were not that bad at all - I just needed to alter and adjust and even eat more!!


real results

Wondering what we’ll be diving into in The Longevity Reset?

Here’s an overview of our 12 jam-packed weeks together:

We’ll uncover all-things:
  • Balancing your hormones 
  • Healing your whole digestive system
  • Improving your sleep so you can catch some much-needed zzz's and finally wake up refreshed
  • Reduce your stress levels and heal your adrenals
  • Supercharge your energy & resilience
  • Bring down inflammation
  • Support healthy thyroid function
  • Boost your mood & motivation and get relief from that anxious, overwhelmed mind
  • Balance your blood sugar & improve insulin sensitivity
  • Turn your body into a fat burning machine, for healthy long-lasting weight-loss
  • Clearing up & detoxing your skin
  • Nourishing & regulating your nervous system
  • Transforming your nutrition
  •  Support your body healing through nutrigenomic protocols
And the best part? Everything listed above will help fight ageing, inside and out.

The Longevity Reset

Whole Body Transformation
A holistic framework for living your healthiest, happiest most vibrant life

The Longevity Reset Signature Protocol

This is where the magic happens to transform your whole health. Includes nutrition, diet, movement, lifestyle & self care and lots of health hacks designed around each step of the program.

Longevity Nutrition Framework

Combines nutrigenomics and whole foods, offering flexible meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and guides tailored to various tastes and dietary needs.


Practitioner Grade Supplements

Exclusive practitioner-only supplements, formulated with potent, unique ingredients for maximum therapeutic impact, ensuring unmatched quality and effectiveness

Naturopathic Wellness Kit

A comprehensive collection of carefully curated products designed to support  your body's natural healing processes through each step of the program. 

Medicinal Herbal Infusions

Specially  formulated herbal teas designed for each step of the program. 4 different blends, tailored to support & enhance each step of the program. These delicious infusions will nourish & replenish your body.

Naturopathic Body Blueprint

This comprehensive online course gives you access to 15 years of my knowledge. In here you will learn everything you need, and have ever wanted to know about your body.


1x1 Naturopathic Consults & Support

Get 1-1 support with me, with comprehensive coaching consultations to guide you through the program and personalise it to suit your specific health needs. 

Program App

Access the Signature program, The Naturopathic Body Blueprint, meal plans, recipes, videos and all the content via the App, anywhere any time.

Here’s how The Longevity Reset works...

Before we start

Prep Week

In this prep step, you'll receive the support & tools needed to enter the program confidently and seamlessly.

  • Program Outline: Get an overview of the upcoming 12 weeks, understanding what to expect and how to prepare.
  • Nutrition Guide: Learn the optimal eating framework for the program, dive deep into the world of nutrigenomics, including food hacks, cheat meals, and strategies for overcoming struggles. Includes a bonus Kick Sugar Guide to reduce cravings.
  • Progress Tracking: Discover how to track and monitor your progress, utilizing an online interactive Health Assessment Software for real-time comparisons.
  • Mindset & Mental Health: Begin strengthening your mindset, overcoming guilt and self-sabotage, and learning strategies for staying on track.
  • Lifestyle & Exercise Outline: Gain guidance on the movement and self-care aspects of the program, understanding the reasons behind them and how to incorporate them into your routine.
  • Access to The Naturopathic Body Blueprint Course: Start learning about your body
Phase 1

Repair The Foundation

For your body to be able to heal itself we need to start wth repairing the foundation, giving your body the nutrients it needs to repair itself.

  • Start improving blood sugar balance & insulin sensitivity for weight loss, burning fat and lowering inflammation & oxidative stress
  • Nourish the adrenals to lower cortisol & stress hormones
  • Supercharge your nutrition through diet & supplements
  • Start repairing your gut health
  • Up regulate beneficial gene expression

Deep Clean 

In this phase, we focus on thorough detoxification and intensive gut repair. We activate and support the body's detoxification pathways, including the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system. Detoxification plays a crucial role in the healing process. 

  • Clear out bad bacteria & parasites
  • Enhance liver function for detoxification, hormonal balance, inflammation reduction, and fat burning.
  • Support healthy kidney function for cardiovascular health, bloating reduction, and elimination of waste and toxins.
  • Boost lymphatic function, the body's waste management system
  • Improve immune response
  • Heal gut wall and bring down inflammation
  •  Maintain support for digestion, adrenal function, nervous system, blood sugar, insulin, sleep, and energy.

Rebuild & Restore

In the final 6 weeks, we focus on restoring the microbiome &  hormone balance. Hormones have relationship with the Microbiome. We work on bringing all hormones back into harmony and synergy.

  • Supercharge the health & balance of your microbiome
  • Support overall hormonal health and balance.
  • Support healthy libido
  • Promote healthy thyroid function for energy, hair health and healthy weight
  • Restore hormonal balance for fat loss.
  • Aid in the recovery and healing of skin issues like acne, rashes, eczema
  • Fight inflammation & super charge immune function
  • Supercharge visceral fat loss (fat around the mid-section)
  • Continue support for digestion, adrenal function, nervous system, blood sugar, insulin, sleep, and energy.

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The Longevity Reset offers two program options, each tailored to provide you with the level of support and personalisation you need to achieve your wellness goals..


3x4 Genetic Testing Early Bird Bonus $1000 Offer

Take the first step towards personalised health and wellness by signing up for our Early Bird offer.

For a limited time, I am including the groundbreaking 3x4 Genetics test absolutely free when you join the program.

Discover how your genetics impact nutrition, weight, mood, energy and fitness, take early action for preventive health, and make more informed lifestyle choices.

Enhance your program results with personalised data.

Don't miss this chance for a detailed understanding of your health, completely free plus my 4 week Kickstart program with your signup.


Available if you pay in full for the VIP option

Foundational Reset

This option is for you if you want a general approach to wellness and don't need intensive personalised 1-1 support, pathology testing, more tailored supplements or herbal medicine.

This option is perfect for all stages of a health journey and designed to improve overall health, addressing root causes of symptoms, and resetting health in a supportive group environment

The Foundational Program includes 1 Initial Naturopathy Consult, the Signature 3 Step Framework, practitioner only supplements, lifestyle products, herbal infusions, nutrition, and The Naturopathic Body Blueprint Course.


VIP Personalised Reset

This option is for you if you want a personalised and intensive approach to their health. It's suitable for those dealing with long-term health issues or who are committed to achieving comprehensive healing.

The Personalised Program includes everything in the Foundational Reset PLUS 4 x 1-1 Naturopathy Consults & Coaching sessions, tailored practitioner only supplements, liquid herbal medicines, nutritional support, and pathology blood testing

This program offers the highest level of support to help individuals achieve optimal health and wellness. 


Foundational Reset

  • The Longevity Reset Signature 3 Step Program
  • 1 x Naturopathic Consult
  • Practitioner Grade  Supplements
  • Longevity Nutrition Framework -Meal Plans, Recipes, Shopping lists, Guides & Hacks
  • Naturopathic Wellness Kit 

  • Medicinal Herbal Infusion Bundle

  • The Naturopathic Body Blueprint Course

  • Exclusive Access to The Longevity Reset Facebook Group

  • Knowledge, Support, Live Q&A sessions & Masterclasses
  • Lifetime Access to The Signature Program & Blueprint

  •  Program App (Apple & Android)  


  •  Payment Plan: The 4 Week Kickstart Program: WORTH $200 
  • Pay in Full:The 4 Week Kickstart Program + Natural Home Essentials Pack: WORTH $400

VIP Reset

  • VIP Only: 4 x 1-1 Online Naturopathy & Nutrition Coaching Consults

  • VIP Only: Personalised Liquid Herbal Medicine Tinctures 

  • VIP Only: Comprehensive Pathology Blood Tests

  • The Longevity Reset Signature 3 Step Program
  • Practitioner Grade Supplements
  • Longevity Nutrition Framework -Meal Plans, Recipes, Shopping lists, Guides & Hacks
  • Naturopathic Wellness Kit 
  • Medicinal Herbal Infusion Bundle

  • The Naturopathic Body Blueprint Course

  • Exclusive Access to The Longevity Reset Facebook Group

  • Knowledge, Support, Live Q&A sessions & Masterclasses
  • Lifetime Access to The Signature Program & Blueprint
  • Program App (Apple & Android)


  • Payment Plan: The 4 Week Kickstart Program + Natural Home Essentials Pack: WORTH $400
  •  Pay in Full and get 3X4 Genetic Testing + Consult + 4 Week Kickstart Plan: Worth $1000

Check out your bonus suite...

Health Compass

Health Assessment Software 

This is a powerful clinical tool designed to help you track your healing progress, symptoms, and areas that require additional support.

With this easy-to-use visual tool, you can gain valuable insights into your health journey and make informed decisions about your wellness.


Valued at $500


Recipe Vault


You get lifetime access to the Recipe Vault with an extensive collection of recipe eBooks, personally developed by Michaela!

With a diverse selection of recipes ranging from emergency snacks to easy freezer meals, meal-prep recipes, immune-boosting soups, smoothies, breakfasts, and more, the Recipe Vault is a one-stop-shop for all your meal planning & inspo needs.


Valued at $600

Longevity Reset App


Get the ultimate convenience of our dedicated app, designed exclusively for the reset. With this powerful tool, the keys to a healthier life are right at your fingertips — anytime, anywhere.

Instant Access: Dive into the Longevity Reset program directly from your device.

Tailored Recipes & Nutrition: Access all the nourishing recipes and meal plans that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

On-the-Go Guidance: From detailed guides to the comprehensive Naturopathic Body Blueprint, all the resources you need for your health transformation are always accessible.


Valued at $400

hey there, gorgeous!

I'm Michaela 


I’m the founder of The Longevity Remedy, and the naturopath behind The Longevity Reset.

I’ve helped hundreds of women, just like you, gain control of their health and reclaim their confidence. Stress, hormones & gut health are passionate topics of mine, not only because of their impact on healthy longevity and general wellbeing, but because I’ve had to heal them myself, too.

My health story? I tried – for years – to lose weight and get relief from my PMS symptoms, bloating and anxiety without success. From the outside it appeared as though I had everything together. I was working out every day, and nourishing my body with green smoothies and healthy carbohydrates. Underneath it all though, I still had terrible depression, felt extremely tired and irritable, was suffering from the worst anxiety I’d ever experienced, had heavy periods and debilitating PMS symptoms, and I was constantly waking during the night. Honestly, I was kinda like a grumpy old lady. All. The. Time.

Once I started studying naturopathy, I learned about the root cause of everything I was experiencing (ie. Insulin / hypothyroidism / adrenal dysfunction), I put a plan together that I based off my years of study. As a result, I was able to improve my insulin sensitivity, sort out my under-active thyroid, and experience dream periods (yes, good periods do exist!). I also lost 15kg and finally felt my age again, I felt light, energetic & actually enthusiastic about life, I wasn't just trying to make it through each day anymore. It was totally life changing.



I can't wait to help you too.

After my own health transformation and working with hundreds of clients facing similar issues, I developed a step-by-step blueprint to address their symptoms and heal their bodies. I wanted to make this approach accessible to as many women as possible and empower them with knowledge about their bodies.

That's how I created The Longevity Reset, a simple 3-step formula that even the busiest and most overwhelmed woman can follow. I also included an educational course, The Naturopathic Body Course, to provide comprehensive information on their bodies and how to heal them.

My goal is to help you understand your health and regain control of your life. I provide all the tools you need to heal your body, eat right for your body without restrictions, exercise effectively, improve sleep, balance hormones, uplift mood, and more.

The program focuses on resetting your overall health, ensuring long-term well-being and true longevity.

Are you ready to take the leap and transform your health once and for all?

I've been featured in...

That’s when I decided to do things differently and everything changed. This program changed my life & it will change yours too.


  • I went from being tired all the time, waking up unrefreshed now matter how much sleep I had and would get that afternoon energy crash everyday to waking up jumping out of bed, actually excited for the day, having long lasting energy and no more energy crashes
  • I went from having a foggy/scattered brain, feeling overwhelmed, flat and anxious to feeling in control of my mind & mental health, organised and able to think clearly (and actually remember things)
  • I went from being bloated, nauseas & gassy to having incredible gut health, no more random digestive symptoms, no more feeling like I was 6 months pregnant all the time
  • I went from having nasty PMS symptoms (which it turns out is not normal) to having dream regular periods, no cramping, bloating, clotting
  • I went from never ever being able to lose weight (especially around my belly) to easily without much thought lose 15 kgs (weight loss should always be a side effect)
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Frequently Asked Questions


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Is it time you made a commitment to your health once and for all? Stop waiting for the right time to start working on your health or getting healthy, the right time is RIGHT now.