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Transform your body & mind


Free yourself from fatigue, excess weight, stress, hormonal imbalances, anxiety & bloating


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Are you feeling overwhelmed about where to begin on your health journey?

Are you sick & tired of feeling sick, tired & fat?

Is it time you put yourself & your health first?

You know you need to do something about your health, you just need a little guidance. 



The Longevity Reset takes all the STRESS out of healing & repairing your body. 

A 3 step program over 8 weeks that targets the underlying causes of weight gain, imbalanced hormones, uncomfortable digestive symptoms and more.

The Longevity Reset will change the way you look at your body & your relationship with food. 

“I was debating whether I had really gotten much out of the program when I realised that I was driving to the gym, in my smallest pair of tights, spooning home made chia pudding into my mouth. I hadn’t set foot in a gym in 4 years and all of a sudden I had this energy to go every night. The program trains your brain in a way that you don’t even realise the changes occurring. I’ve dropped 12cms off my hips in 8 weeks without any real effort. I’ve learned to cook in bulk and I’m enjoying the ease and comfort of preprepared breakfasts and lunches while still nourishing my family with healthy meals. My mind is clear, my skin looks 10 years younger and my clothes fit me without a muffin top. If you do anything for yourself in 2020, a year of chaos- welcome some calm and structure into your life with the Longevity Reset program. In 8 weeks you’ll be a different version of you.”


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"I am very blessed that I came across Michaela & her 8 week Program when I did, I instantly felt connected with her and knew I had to give this a chance.  I have learnt so much about myself within these 8 weeks and although I still have a long way to go, I have come so far.  You notice the changes in your mind & body within the first week or 2 which blew me away.  Michaela is there with you every step of the way, giving you her full support and sharing information that is easy to understand and achievable to put into place. Knowledge is power and you receive all the tools you need."


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You know you should eat healthier & move more

But you have no clue where to begin.

  • Eat right for your body & lifestyle with a personalised nutrition plan
  • Accelerate your results and feel good fast with the highest quality supplements available in Australia 
  • Transform your mindset around food, cheats, binge eating & your body 
  • Support every step of the way with 1-1 naturopathic consults, private facebook group, email & text support, online program & hard copy workbook

Are you looking for an evidence based, individualised program to help you transform your body & mind?

Designed by award winning naturopath, clinical nutritionist & anti-ageing practitioner Michaela Sparrow.

Based on the tried and tested method I have successfully used in my clinic on hundreds of women just like you .. reset their longevity, balance hormones, fight inflammation & support gut health after years of them struggling to lose weight, having terrible sleep & feeling hangry all the time...

I am now on a  mission to help women just like you put their health first and empower them in the art of self care & self repair

What ever stage of your health journey, it's never too early or too late to BE IN THE BEST HEALTH OF YOUR LIFE!

You get LIFETIME access to the program so you can continue to learn, grow and get results as you reach your goals.

What if you could.... 

    • Balance your hormones & get relief from uncomfortable period/menopause symptoms
    • Lose up to 12 kgs & keep it off
    • Experience true, deep detoxification
    • Repair & enhance gut health
    • Reduce stress
    • Support healthy youthful skin
    • Fight the underlying causes of ageing
    • Have stable, long lasting energy



The Longevity Reset


Take the confusion, overwhelm and stress out of losing weight & eating healthy. With an 8 week online course jam packed full of over 15 years of knowledge you will gain a greater understanding of your body & how to look after it. 


The key to success is support, motivation & community. The program gives you everything you need to feel confident to achieve your goals.


There is no one diet that fits all. The program is completely tailored to your health needs & goals. This includes your nutrition plan, supplements & yoga prescription.

Here’s what to expect with The Longevity Reset 

The Longevity Reset is broken down into 3 steps. All program materials are housed in a private members only site with lifetime access.

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Step 1: Deep detoxification


Don't let this step scare you. This isn't like any detox you have experienced.
Whilst we will be targeting all detoxification processes with powerful practitioner only supplements that get results, we will also be supporting liver function and wellbeing with delicious & nourishing food that wont leave you feeling deprived.
By supporting healthy detoxification function we will also target inflammation & oxidative stress, start supporting healthy sleep & circadian rhythm balance and also kickstart the weight loss.

  •  Powerful practitioner only supplements to activate REAL detoxification via liver detoxification phases

  • Delicious, detox friendly food that WON'T leave you feeling deprived or hungry
  • Includes the incredible Lymfatics gloves that super charge your lymphatic system, fight cellulite and support immunity. 

Good gut function is the cornerstone of health. 
Gut health is made up of many components, each impacting the other.
During the next 2 weeks we will be repairing the gut wall (addressing leaky gut), feeding and growing the microbiome, supporting healthy digestive enzyme and bile production, regulating stomach acid.
By targeting all of these functions not only do we heal and repair the whole gut but we also address the underlying cause of many uncomfortable digestive symptoms such as constipation/diarrhoea, bloating, reflux, heartburn & more. And by supporting gut function we support healthy hormones, immune function, mood, reduce inflammation and more

  • Powerful practitioner only supplements to heal & repair your gut wall and feed & nourish your microbiome
  • Get relief from uncomfortable digestive symptoms
  • Learn all about gut health
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Step 2: Gut Repair


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Step 3: Adrenal, Thyroid & Hormone Balancing

In the final 4 weeks of the program we focus on balancing hormones, regulating adrenal function, lowering stress hormones, supporting healthy thyroid function and supercharging deep restorative sleep. It is in this step that the foundations of healthy long lasting weight loss are laid.
Practitioner only supplements that target the HPA-Axis and help regulate cortisol production also provide some symptomatic benefits such as reduced stress and anxiety, a sense of calmness and relaxation, steady long lasting energy and clearer mind. 

  • Practitioner only supplements to rebalance & repair the HPA-Axis for long term results
  • Lifestyle & Diet to help reduce stress, improve your mood and sleep
  • Online portal, learn everything you need to know about adrenals, thyroid & hormones

Join The Longevity Reset 

and get...




($2500 value)

You’ll get access to all training modules and course materials, including streaming videos, hardcopy workbook, webinars, facebook lives – everything you need to transform your health.


  • Practitioner only supplements, handcrafted herbal teas & lifestyle products for every step of the program (Over $800 value)
  • Hardcopy workbook so that you stay accountable & motivated (worth $60)
  • Personalised nutrition plan (worth $600)
  • Naturopathic Yoga Subscription (worth $150)
  • 8 Week online holistic wellness course (worth $400)
  • Private facebook group
  • 1-1 Naturopathic coaching sessions (worth $399)

Plus, these incredible bonuses...

Emergency Snacks Recipe Book

Somedays we just need comfort food. You will get this emergency snacks recipe book that contains delicious snacks to satisfy those cravings you may get. Plenty of yummy options to keep you on track. 

(a $99 value)

Freezer Meal Prep Recipe Book

Packed full of recipes perfect to keep in the freezer for those days you are too busy to cook or are just too tired. 

(a $99 value)

When you add it all up, that’s a value of over $2,500

But when you enroll today, you'll get access to everything for just:






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3 Monthly Payments



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Includes an 8 WEEK ONLINE COURSE & 80 PAGE HARDCOPY WORKBOOK designed to create healthy habits, shift your mindset & set you up for lifelong success



I'm Michaela. 


I Want To Share My Own Health Journey With You.


I'm Michaela, I am a degree qualified naturopath, clinical nutritionist and certified anti-ageing practitioner.

I want you to know, that I have been where you are now, I haven’t always been happy with my health or my weight. For many years I struggled with hormonal imbalances, depression, anxiety and no matter what I did I couldn’t lose weight.

I understand how isolating & frustrating it can be to not have any answers, to wonder why I felt the way I did, and honestly for awhile i gave up, I had accepted that I would be overweight, exhausted, hangry, irritable, bloated and feel way older than i should for the rest of my life.

It wasn’t until I started studying my degree that I realised what i was going through wasn’t a life sentence, there were answers and there were solutions and my health journey began by looking at the underlying cause of what was going on with my body and creating a personalised nutrition & lifestyle plan.

It didn’t take me long to lose 15kg, have long lasting stable energy, improve my mood and help start balancing my hormones. I had a completely new outlook on my body, my health & my life.

My absolute passion is to show other women just like you, that your health issues, your weight, they don’t have to be a life sentence, all you need is the right information, investigations and support.

This is why i created my 8 week program. To take out the overwhelm, the frustration, confusion & isolation of a health journey.

The Longevity Reset is Perfect For You If....

  • You have been struggling to lose weight for awhile now
  • You are stressed, tired and feel flat
  • You feel bloated, puffy & older than you should
  • You want to start putting your health first and live your healthiest life possible
  • Your sleep is crappy
  • Your hormones are angry


Not only did she lose the weight, she has kept it off for over a year. She was also able to easily quit a heavy drinking habit with the detox portion of the program really supporting her liver function and helping to clean up some of the damage caused by chronic alcohol intake.

 Sharon's 8 week program was designed around her personal health and lifestyle needs.

The food was easy for her to prepare and we made realistic goals she could achieve every week.

She improved her energy, sleep and digestion, reduced inflammation & oxidative stress and got a whole new lease on life. 


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" WOW, where do I start about The Longevity Reset – and how it totally overhauled my health.

The program was an absolute blessing to me, with massive and subtle changes to my health and wellbeing.

There were so many improvements it is hard to list them all – here are some; lower blood pressure, better heat regulation, mind clarity, clear and glowing skin and eyes, improved sleep and digestion, better mood and energy.

The constant support helped me achieve my first goal – not falling off the wagon and completing the program.

For me it was so much more than reducing my weight, but saying all that I still managed to loose 7.5kg and 20.3 cm in 8 weeks!

Overall, I can not recommend The Longevity Reset program and Michaela’s support highly enough and encourage anyone who is serious about improving their health to do this program."

Nicole L

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Don’t let another year go by before you take control of your health



Winter & isolation are the perfect time to start working on your wellness.

Learn how to love & nourish your body. Start losing weight, balancing your hormones & fighting stress now.


A year from now you will wish you started today

What people asked before signing up for The Longevity Reset

Are you ready to finally get the health & body of your dreams?


  • Practitioner only supplements, handcrafted herbal teas & lifestyle products for every step of the program (Over $800 value)
  • Hardcopy workbook so that you stay accountable & motivated (worth $60)
  • Personalised nutrition plan (worth $600)
  • Naturopathic Yoga Subscription (worth $150)
  • 8 Week online holistic wellness course (worth $400)
  • Private facebook group
  • 1-1 Naturopathic coaching sessions (worth $399)

TOTAL VALUE: $2,500+






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