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Fatigue & Adrenal Health

Our Most Common Complaint

Fatigue is one of the most common complaints we are presented with in clinic.
A lot of people can’t even remember the last time they felt vibrant and full of energy, ready to leap out of bed in the morning.
Fatigue is usually a normal response to lack of sleep, excess physical exertion and emotional stress, that is usually alleviated after a good nights sleep and healthy diet.
Fatigue that does not go away after a few good nights of sleep and relaxation, is not a normal or healthy response.
If you find yourself struggling to get out of bed in the morning, regardless of how many hours sleep you get, if you have one or two small bursts of energy throughout the day but then crash in the afternoon, or find yourself wide awake and wired at 9-10pm a night, having issues falling/staying asleep, low libido & poor mood, you may have an issue with your adrenal function.
Adrenal dysfunction is caused after prolonged periods of stress, from long work hours, poor sleep, traumatic experiences, illness, stressful environments and no time to relax, the adrenal glands normal functioning is disrupted.