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DNA Testing & Nutrigenomics

Personalised nutrition based on your genetic makeup

DNA Testing involves a simple one off saliva test, allowing you to discover your DNA blueprint.

Using this information we can determine how your present diet and lifestyle are influencing your genes, and how we can unlock the full potential of your health by personalising your treatment program based on this genetic information.

By assessing your genetic profile we can show you how to “turn off” or down- regulate genes that have the potential to cause harm whilst “turning on” or up regulating the genes that help prevent disease and premature ageing.

This state of the art testing is the ultimate tool in preventative medicine.

By altering your diet and lifestyle to suit your unique genetic makeup you can optimise your body to:

  • Slow down the ageing process

  • Understand how your body works & make informed decisions and lifestyle choices to fine tune your genetic expression

  • Prevent & reduce the risk of chronic diseases along with treating existing health conditions

  • Learn what health conditions you are at risk for and how to switch these genes off

  • Improve energy levels & concentration

  • Learn Exactly what diet is suited to your genes & how to optimise the health of your genes through diet

  • Know exactly what supplements will help your body function at its very best

  • Learn the most effective weight loss strategies for your genetic makeup

DNA Testing is at an additional charge