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Consultations available both in-clinic & online. Please email the clinic after booking if you would like an online consultation.



Whats included & what to expect

 (Please allow 1 hour)


  • Pre Consultation Questionnaire,   health/history/lifestyle, mood/food diary & intake form                                                                            

  • 1 x Comprehensive Initial Consultation(either face to face or via Skype/phone)                     

  • Review of Pre Consult Questionnaire, Discuss health goals, Concerns, History &  Lifestyle.                                  

  • 2 Week Personalised Nutrition Plan Includes:

    • ​Meal Plan personalised to your personal macro/micronutrient & health requirements

    • Tailored to meet your likes, dislikes, time you want to spend in the kitchen, types of foods you enjoy cooking, lifestyle and work needs

    • Recipes for ALL Meals & Snacks

    • Weekly Shopping Lists

    • Easy to follow & simple recipes using delicious whole foods.

  • Lifestyle & dietary advice & prescription recommendations to take home on the day                

  • 1 x Individualised and Comprehensive Treatment Program + Tailored Prescription outlining Supplements /Herbal Medicine, Lifestyle & Dietary Recommendations  

  • Access to Practitioner Only Products of the highest quality and therapeutic grade nutraceuticals and herbal medicines that are thoroughly tested and studied for quality and efficacy (in addition to TGA & GMP standards) with no or low excipient formulations.

  • Ordering of relevant pathology testing as required (additional cost may be applicable)                                      



Follow Up Consultations

Allow 45 Minutes

This appointment is scheduled Two Weeks after the initial & then every 4-6 weeks depending on your health issues & condition. This is a detailed consultation and we will assess your progress, review any pathology & testing and reevaluate your treatment plan as we go along. 

A naturopathic program is not done in one consultation, several consultations will be required and as time goes on and your health conditions are addressed the visit will become less frequent. 


Acute Consultations

Allow 20 Minutes

Acute consultations are for non-chronic issues such as cold & flus, sinus & hayfever, headaches, short term stress & sleep issues, some skin issues and several other health concerns. We can prescribe herbal medicine & nutritional supplements in these consults along with specialised anti-ageing formulas when you otherwise don't need a long consultation or comprehensive treatment plan.

Health Fund Rebates Available For In-Clinic Consults


Shopping Tours

Learn to shop like a naturopath

Shopping/Farmers Market Tours  90 minutes $150  (For up to 2 people. Extra $30 pp)

Shop like a Naturopath! Want to know how to get the healthiest fridge and pantry you possibly can? We offer shopping tours with our qualified Naturopath & Nutritionost of your local supermarket in the Newcastle Region and at the Broadmeadow Farmers Markets on a Sunday. During the tour I will show you how to get the healthiest out of your shop, how to shop in season, what foods to avoid, how to read labels, find hidden ingredients and give you plenty of meal ideas and information on healthy food swaps. You will also learn how to find cheap and afforable anti-ageing super foods. We will also review personal care and cleaning products to show you the harmful chemicals to avoid, and the safest products to use. You will be provided with a questionnaire that is to be filled out prior outlining likes, dislikes, favourite foods, cooking ability, appliance access etc.

Healthy Kitchen Makeover & Shopping Tour 2.5 hours $250

In our  Healthy Kitchen Makeover, our qualified Naturopath & Nutritionist will come to your house and help you to make over your pantry, fridge, and freezer. Together we will explore your commonly used items and identify any products that are unhealthy or need replacing in accordance with your new dietary guidelines.

If you are avoiding certain dietary items, I will be able to identify these quickly in your kitchen and show you what you will need to replace. We will be able to put together a healthy shopping list which we will then take on our shopping tour, as described above.  (Food purchase is not included).

These packages are ideal after the follow up consultation once the comprehensive treatment plan has been presented.  

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