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About Michaela

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Michaela is warm, caring & empathetic person who is passionate about supporting people to achieve their optimal health goals.

​She is also a realist and understands people still need to live their lives and eat & drink & socialise.

Michaela knows the strategies on how reduce the damage and health risks associated with being human.

This allows her clients to live rich, fulfilling and healthy lives without feeling deprived.

The Longevity Remedy is a culmination of over 10 years of passion and research by naturopath Michaela Sparrow.

​Having a special interest in the biology and physiology of ageing she combined this knowledge with naturopathic medicine.

The main principles of naturopathy is to address the underlying causes of disease & illness.

​Herbal medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Nutrigenomics & Lifestyle Interventions are used to address the underlying cause’s of your health issues & provide symptomatic relief.

Functional pathology, DNA testing & In-Clinic screening are used to formulate a comprehensive & tailored treatment plan.